Ameika Insurance - Adding a Secondary Driver to Your Cheap Car Insurance

If you already have cheap car insurance, you may not want to make any policy changes that could affect price. The hesitation is understandable, why rock the boat, right? However, if you are facing a challenge such as a new car, new driver, new address, or some other change to your information, you will have to notify your current car insurance company and request a change. Then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

One way to ensure that you keep things even and continue doing business with your current insurer is to shop around before making the change to your policy. For example, if you think your current rates may increase when you add a secondary driver, find out what other companies are charging for someone in your situation. Most of the time, you can get free quotes online within a few minutes. You can build a mock policy, add your cars and even some of the driver information for how many people in your household will be driving a vehicle, then get a new quote for the premium.

If the price is what you were expecting, you can now contact your current cheap ameika insurance company and add your new driver, or car, or whatever change you were looking to make. If the price of your premium increases drastically, you can cite the new quotes you just researched and see if your agent budges. If not, you can always turn that free quote into a new policy.

Chances are, your current insurance company will be happy to keep you as a customer and honour the lower price, whether it is their own or the one you received from the new company. And, who knows, you may even end up getting a multi-car or multi-driver discount with ameika insurance!