Adjusters in Cheap Ass Auto Insurance Online

The world of auto insurance is one of mystery and intrigue, especially for those of us who are not “in the know.” Customer service representatives, agents and adjusters all have different, but equally important roles within an insurance company.

Most of us think that cheap car insurance is something that just happens, if we are lucky. In actuality, each of the individuals mentioned have a part to play in the price of our insurance premium. The customer service representatives may be available in person, online or by phone and will gather some basic information needed to build a policy. They may also do the research and background reports for driving history, credit checks and insurance claims history. When the data is turned over to the agent, a new premium is selected, a variety of options are made available and the underwriters are contacted to let them know of a potential new client, including cheap ass auto insurance online.

Claims adjusters are not usually introduced until a problem arises, such as theft, vandalism or an accident. The job of the claims adjuster is to review the damage, create a workable solution and get drivers back behind the wheel with as little delay as possible. Some claims adjusters must physically view the car, while others can take statements over the phone or from the police department, if applicable.

Some customers falsely believe that the claims adjusters are an enemy, sent by the insurance company to reduce the amount of the claim and increase the amount of the policy premium. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. An accident or other type of claim will not automatically increase the price of cheap ass auto insurance online, and claims adjusters are hired to ensure that customers are treated fairly in case a claim is required.