Cheap Car Incerence and Coverage for a Newbie

New drivers are excited about the freedom of finally being able to navigate the roadways and have control of when, where and how they are transported. There are some drawbacks for a newbie driver though, and those drawbacks are usually expensive.

Purchasing a car that must be financed is no easy chore for a new driver. Unfortunately, new drivers often have not saved enough money to buy a used car or put a significant down payment on a newer model. So financing is probably the only option, and will likely come with an interest rate that is several percentage points higher than the national average.

Cheap car incerenceis not a better situation for newbie drivers, either. Cheap car insurance is usually reserved for experienced drivers, employees who get discounts and married couples who have multiple policies. However, there are some techniques and secrets to the insurance industry that can benefit new drivers and help them save on the insurance budget.

For one thing, many insurance companies offer discounts for students with good grades. Each carrier may have different requirements, so prospective customers should check with several companies to determine the policies and rate quotes. Cheap car insurance may also come through a parent or guardian who has an existing policy with a reputable company. This may happen in at least two separate ways. First, parents can add new drivers to their personal policy as an additional driver. After a few years of driving, with no accidents or moving violations, the new driver can be removed and added to an independent policy.

The second way parents, guardians or even friends can help is by referring new drivers to the cheap car incerence company they use. Underwriters will review the driving and claims history of the current customer to determine whether to extend the referral discount.